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Warmonger, Orik Ahurmazd - Sorcerers Council

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The Sorcerers’ Council are not just eight individuals, they call upon constructs to form an army. Ahurmazd is the most talented in summoning, leading the constructs into battle, and waving his runed-axe without fear or regret.

This sibling does not consider himself a spellcaster, although he never denies his fondness for the magic that allowed him to design the constructs the council uses.

Orik resembles a dwarf wearing a great blue hat, carrying a runed stone ax, and smoking from a large wooden pipe. He is the council’s best strategist, planning their movements even before the fighting has commenced and giving precise orders in the field as the battle unfolds. From a young age, he proved his talent for battle. As Haurvaut, he pushes for the council to find items of power to increase their forces’ strength, although his ultimate goal is to have a proper standing army, not just the constructs. When he is not fighting, Ahurmazd likes to spend hours drinking ales and smoking from his pipe in peace. He has no interest in studying or learning more magic.



Material: professional quality blue grey resin
Height: Approx ~37mm to top of model (not including base)

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