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Artisan Guild

Ultran Dragonsmasher - Golem Simulacra

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“My blade? Is too big to be called a sword. It was crafted by a master weaponsmith of the Dragonpeaks tribes, forged from the jawbone of a mountain dragon that I have slain!” - Auron Dragonsmasher.

Wrapped in a cloak of draconic skin, and with a sculptural face scarred by the claws of a manticore, the mighty Ultran travels between the Dragonpeaks and the northen cities of Rotvar, relentlessly hunting wyverns and dragons to obtain skins and bones from their bodies to sell to smiths, and precious reagents to offer to the most demanding alchemists.

Wielding colossal weapons too large for a human to wield, the heroic hunter Ultran has earned his nickname of Dragonsmasher by lending service to the highest bidder to slay the titanic monstrosities that plague the mortal realms. His next target is a deadly Ashen Manticore, the same monster that forced Ultran to surrender and marked him with a scar over his left eye many years ago.

Instead of the Pinup, for a single time only, I wanted to make this special fun hero as bonus figure, accompanied by his faithful metal hounds.


Material: professional quality blue grey resin
Height: Approx ~37-39mm to top of head (not including base)

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