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Bite the Bullet

Treasure Goblin - Bullet Hell Angels

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Seraphim are celestial beings that hold a high rank in various religious traditions, particularly in Abrahamic religions such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The word "seraphim" is derived from the Hebrew word "seraph," which means "burning" or "fiery ones." In religious texts, seraphim are often described as six-winged angelic beings that surround the throne of God, praising and worshiping Him. They are believed to possess great knowledge, wisdom, and purity.


Material: professional quality blue grey resin

Height: Approx ~31mm to top of model (not including base)

Models are made to order and typically take 2-5 working days before being dispatched. If you need them urgently please contact us and we can see what we can do. 

Miniatures are unpainted and unassembled. Miniatures for tabletop role-play and war-games, painting and collecting. We are licensed merchant of this 3D models. Please see our license page for more details.

The Printed Heroes are officially licensed through Bite the Bullet Commercial License Subscription: Bite the Bullet can also be found at:


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