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Tavros Colosseum Champion - Order of the Labyrinth

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The Name of Anphitria owes much of its fame to the Great Games, a series of competitions in various disciplines held once a year and attracting champions and visitors from all corners of Rotvar. The most popular and followed competition is 'The Rise of the Champion', held in the great Colosseum Arena, establishes the champion after a series of deadly battles, giving glory, fame and wealth to whoever emerges the victor. Tavros has been the undisputed champion for seven years. Revered as a demigod by the citizens of Anphitria, his fame is so widespread that his presence in the city is enough to deter any external or internal threat. Do not think that Tavros is not a worthy member of the Order of the Labyrinth: is sacred task is to find a champion among his opponents, someone who possesses the Divine Spark to succeed as Herald of the Order, but unfortunately so far, his search has been in vain.


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