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Highland Miniatures

Runemaster and Ancient Forge - Sons of Ymir

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...Here it lies the story of the Ancient Dwarf Forge, a magic forge carved into the stone deep within the mountains of the Three Peaks. The forge was said to be over a thousand years old, from the time of the Ancient Gods.
When the fires of war arise in the horizon, each hammer blow resounds from every corner, crevice and gap of the Dwarf Kingdom like lashes at the enemy reminding other dwarfs that they are not alone in the lands. 
The Great Dwarf Runemaster spend his days and nights in the forge, tirelessly working to create the most powerful and enchanting runes ever seen. The Great Runemaster is skilled in the art of runecraft and had a deep understanding of the magic that flowed through the forge...


Material: professional quality blue grey resin
Height: Approx ~mm to top of head (not including base)

Models are made to order and typically take 2-5 working days before being dispatched. If you need them urgently please contact us and we can see what we can do.

Miniatures are unpainted and unassembled. Miniatures for tabletop role-play and war-games, painting and collecting. We are licensed merchant of this 3D models. Please see our license page for more details.


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