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The Dragon Trappers Lodge

Ravager - Dragonology 101

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THE RAVAGER'S FORM LOOMS WITH A SINISTER, primeval elegance. Muscular limbs, each tipped with razor-sharp claws, carry its hulking body with a quiet, predatory grace uncharacteristic of a creature its size. Its skin, a tough, rubbery hide, glistens darkly, looking almost wet or oiled, reflecting little

glints of ambient light. Patches of coarse, spiky bristles break the monotonous texture of its body, hinting at some ancient lineage or evolution.

While its mouth, filled with a nightmare array of serrated teeth, is fearsome, the true terror lies in its eyes. They burn with a reddish hue, deeply set and surrounded by ridges, which lend it an expression of perpetual rage. When it fixes its gaze upon its quarry, the eyes seem to glow, as if lit from within by an otherworldly fire, invoking primal fear.

Its tail, as long as its body and unusually thick, sways with a serpentine rhythm often used as a brutal weapon against those who dare to stand against it. On the battlefield, the Ravager is as much a psychological weapon as a physical one. Its mere presence, with its heavy, rhythmic breathing and the menacing hiss it emits when agitated, evokes a palpable dread that lingers long after it's gone.



Material: professional quality blue grey resin
Height: Approx ~80mm base

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