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Artisan Guild

Lilith the Matriarch - The Demon King's Spawn

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Lilith is the second child of Baalzrodan, arguably the most ruthless of the Daemon princes, a being whose beauty equals her pure wickedness. Matriarch and queen of the Lust Demons, Lilith loves to make fun of the mortals by winning the hearts of nobles and heroes. Taking the form of the most attractive princess in Mundus by simply shrinking her towering size and hiding her demonic horns and tail, entire kingdoms have fallen to compete for the most beautiful lady of the realms.
Lilith is the mother of the Mezzalfiend, as she gave birth to the first two half-demons ever, the brothers Diabolica and Ildamos: children she had with one of the most powerful demon hunters among the mortals, Rudolf Dosmagal, first Lord Commander and founder of the Requiem brotherhood.
With her insane beauty and sharp intellect, Lilith easily subdued the will of the Lord Commander by tricking him into thinking she was an Alfar princess of a faraway realm.

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