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The Dragon Trappers Lodge

Kutsu, The Spiteful - Master of the Elements

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KUTSU, THE SPITEFUL IS A MALEVOLENT KITSUNE with a dark and cunning demeanor. With fiery red fur and piercing amber eyes, she possesses an air of wickedness that is enhanced by her shape-shifting abilities.

Kutsu can seamlessly transition between her fox form and an alluring humanoid

guise, using her deceptive appearance to lure unsuspecting victims into her trap. A sinister grin often plays on her lips as she revels in the suffering and chaos she creates.

Kutsu's path towards darkness began when she delved into the forbidden arts of Shape Ki. Drawn to its power, she mastered the dark technique of draining the fire of life from her enemies. This twisted ability allowed her to manipulate the bodies of her adversaries, instilling them with a frenzied rage and exploiting their vulnerabilities. Fuelled by her sadistic delight in causing suffering, Kutsu seeks to sow discord and chaos wherever she goes.

Tactics. In combat, Kutsu employs her forbidden Shape Ki abilities to weaken her enemies. She can channel her energy to afflict her foes with debilitations, making them feeble and vulnerable. Using this ability, she weakens their physical prowess, imposes disadvantages on their attacks, and temporarily reduces their maximum health.

Once her enemies are weakened, Kutsu unleashes her fiery powers. She conjures scorching flames to burn her foes to cinders, dealing devastating fire damage.

Alternatively, she can draw upon the stolen vitality of her victims to buff herself, gaining temporary enhancements to her own physical attributes and combat abilities.


Material: professional quality blue grey resin

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