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King Skutagaard - The Lich Lord - Darkness of the Lich Lord

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King Skutagaard was the heroic warrior who subjugated all the peoples of the northern lands that later took his name, the cold lands of Skutagaard, conquering by force all those who opposed him. When his power and dominion reached its peak, like every mortal, he had to come to terms with the passing of time and, not wanting to die, he made a bargain with the superior demon Draiken Zestirot, the father of Animancy. Slowly, the king's soul was corrupted, turning him into the first Lich, Overlord of the Death.
His life, and his dark domain, was broken after an obscure age by the rebellion of the free people of Skutagaard led by the Sacred Triad… or so it was thought.
As minor deity, the Lich Lord couldn’t die so simply: defeated, he had retreated waiting to regain his powers. After centuries of waiting, the opportunity arose when a clan of Orcs and Ogres settled in the lands beyond Birfost. The Lich Lord Skutagaard tricked the Orcish clan by making them believe he was the God of War and Ferocity Duum. Gifting them the cursed blade Helsword, he managed to make them swear their allegiance by turning them into the Frost Metal, cursed immortal beings in constant search of souls and bodies to feed on. With this new army the Lich Lord began to accumulate souls and power until he was able to rise again. Since then, his army has grown uncontrollably and the war to regain his former dominion has begun.


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