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Grunts (Construct Legion) - Sorcerers Council

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From the ground, they rose. Long had they remained buried there, waiting for their creators to call on them again. Their bodies were covered in moss, and their joints cranked every time they moved, but the light in their eyes denoted fury.

Before their last slumber, the sorcerers created a legion of constructs to assist them. These creations followed their creators to the darkest corners in their quest for items. Whenever each one of the siblings encountered a danger, the constructs would heroically protect their creator and engage any imminent threat against them.

When the siblings sensed it was time to slumber again, they commanded the constructs to bury themselves until they were called upon once more. Since the siblings were spread throughout Eluan, the inactive constructs lie buried across the landmass, waiting for their creators’ call.



Material: professional quality blue grey resin
Height: Approx ~40mm to top of model (not including base)

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