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The Dragon Trappers Lodge

Fizzwatt - Dragonology 101

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IN THE LUMINOUS GLADES OF STOICA, A UNIQUE HOPPER sprang to life with a zest unparalleled by his kin.

Fizzwatt was not just another of the jovial and protective creatures. An enigmatic spell once whispered by the arcane arts inadvertently danced across his path, sparking an intellectual awakening within him.

Genius by Accident. While other Hoppers pranced, luring insects with their radiant appendages, Fizzwatt's lure twinkled with ideas, contraptions, and innovations.

His natural affinity for mechanics and structures made him an anomaly. Over time, his intriguing experiments with rudimentary tools drew the attention of many, including the Dragon Trappers Lodge.

It's Alive! It was amidst the verdant expanses of Stoica that Fizzwatt first encountered the metallic fragments that would become Sir Studius. With patience and expertise, the little Hopper transformed the heap into the four-armed wonder the Lodge now holds dear. His purpose? To aid the Lodge's Dragonologists in their perpetual quest for knowledge.


Material: professional quality blue grey resin
Height: Approx ~25mm base

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