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The Dragon Trappers Lodge

Dryad Matriarch - The Darkwoods

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Steeped in the power of the Darkwood and experienced in its dark magics, Dryad Matriarchs are far more powerful than typical dryads, and often far more sinister as well. Their powers tend towards decay and death, reflecting that portion of nature's cycle far more strongly than the typical dryads' focus on life and growth. Dryad Matriarchs can craft weapons from the wood that covers their bodies, naturally shaping the wood into forms that suit their needs in an instant. As such, they always seem to have the perfect tool for the slaughter. Dryad Matriarchs, while more aggressive than their counterparts outside of the Darkwood, are not inherently evil.

They do, however, consider any harm dealt to their surrounding environment to be a personal offense, and they forgive slowly if at all, seeking vengeance over generations of offenders. Stay in their good graces, and the Matriarchs will give you no trouble. Offend them or destroy a portion of the forest that is under their care, and both you and your children will be hunted and hated for years, until you either atone for your crimes, die, or are re-made by their power, transformed into a plant-like creature sentenced to serve the dryad for the remainder of your days.


Material: professional quality blue grey resin
Height: Approx ~55-65mm to top of model (including base)

Models are made to order and typically take 2-5 working days before being dispatched. If you need them urgently please contact us and we can see what we can do.

Miniatures are unpainted and unassembled. Miniatures for tabletop role-play and war-games, painting and collecting. We are licensed merchant of this 3D models. Please see our license page for more details.

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