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Artisan Guild

Cornelius Greathat - Arcanist Guild

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“The most mysterious and ancient energy lies in yourself. I can teach how to harness that power, but it is your responsibility to find a purpose for it.”
- Cornelius Greathat.

At the canter of the glorious City of Knowledge, stands the mysterious Arcane Tower, the place that houses one of the most powerful artifact of Mundus, the Arcane Mirror, a magic pool capable of finding the beings who are touched by magic in the realms.
At the top of that tower operate Cornelius, a wise-looking elderly man, wrapped in an embroidered tunic, wearing his great and dusty hat upon a troubled bushy brow.

Being part of the High Council of the Magi in Eldanar, Cornelius is extremely busy with tasks that the mere mortals can barely understand, but despite his great responsibilities, his fascination by youth and those who want to learn the rules of the Arcane makes him want to continue teaching the apprentices of the Guild.

Cornelius spent more than fifty years of his life with the greatest tinkerer and arcanist Gnomes of Eldanar to make the Arcane Mirror, which now is used to find those who are gifted with the skill of manipulating the arcane but are unable to control it, with the aim of guiding them, making sure that they do not represent a danger to balance and do not attract the Planar Demons.


Material: professional quality blue grey resin
Height: Approx ~40-50mm to top of model (not including base)

Models are made to order and typically take 2-5 working days before being dispatched. If you need them urgently please contact us and we can see what we can do.

Miniatures are unpainted and unassembled. Miniatures for tabletop role-play and war-games, painting and collecting. We are licensed merchant of this 3D models. Please see our license page for more details.

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