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Artisan Guild

Mezzalfiends Tricksters - City of Intrigue

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Mezzalfiends Tricksters are the eyes and ears of Baal in the city of Setrek, charming, agile half-demons faithful to the creed of their prince. These individuals love the most unbridled luxury, wear only the most stylish clothing of the most expensive skins in all Rotvar, they are incredible lovers and skilled bards, with with their stories and songs they can charm any auditor.

The Mezzalfiends of Setrek are versed in the art of murder and espionage, they make excellent bards and thieves thanks to their cunning in deceiving poor victims. Like any half-demon, the Mezzalfiends Tricksters also possess a fair amount of ability in arcane manipulation. The best of them, after making a demonic pact with Baal, become powerful Warlocks.

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