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Artisan Guild

Bonekrat Carrionbearer -Sandfang Ratkin

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"The bones of the fallen are the stepping stones to our reign!" - Bonekrat Carrionbearer.

Amidst the subterranean chaos, in the echoes of battle, thrives the menacing Bonekrat Carrionbearer, Warlord of the Sandfang covered in the bones of his rivals. Behind a grin of malice, he wields authority and dread, ruling his kin with a fist as hard as their tunnel walls.

In the savage hierarchy of Ratkin, rare is the life that sees a twelfth season, yet Bonekrat, wizened by countless skirmishes above and below the desert's sand, stands as champion of survival and war, a seasoned general amongst his kind.

Beneath the sun-scoured lands of Denmora, a labyrinth unseen by surface-dwellers shelters the treacherous Sandfang Ratkin. These malicious creatures gnaw relentlessly at the world's heart, siphoning the arcane lifeblood to empower their demonic masters' otherworldly artifacts. Driven by the twisted will of their leaders, they strive to extend their dominion, the echo of their ceaseless burrowing a dread song of their ambition. Armed with venom-dripping bone weapons they strike from the shadows, gathering in their dark tunnels a hoard of stolen treasures from merchants and wanderers’ caravans.


Material: professional quality blue grey resin
Height: Scaled for 28 - 32mm wargames

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