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Bone Retreivers - Mire Volktoads

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The Bone Retrievers fight with weapons made with the iron from the volktoad’s deposit which are quenched in the mire’s dark waters. If raiders are valued for their speed and ferocity, the retrievers are valued for their fighting prowess, training for years in the art of their weapon and armor. During an outing, raiders attacked a caravan in the open. However, this caravan was defended by heavily armored dwarven mercenaries, who decimated the attackers. Only one volktoad escaped and shared how they had been utterly defeated, although massacred was a better word. Realizing that combat against heavily armored foes required another strategy, the volktoad decided to craft superior weapons, shields, and armor and train the brightest fighters in their use. This unit’s name derives from the fact they collect bones from their foes, and adorn their weapons or make trophies with them which they wear into combat.


Material: professional quality blue grey resin
Height: Approx ~32mm to top of model (not including base)

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