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Bodrel - Mythical Clash

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Used to spend all his days daydreaming and drinking with his friends.
For years he drank so much he messed his brain up. One could almost never find him sober, eventually pushing his friends and loved ones away.

Over the pass of time, drinking damaged his brain so badly he ended up becoming more aggressive and evil which lead him to separate himself from civilization.
Now he lives in a dark cave in the forests where he's usually by himself.

Since he has no easy access to alcohol, he eats poisonous berries and plants from the forest to intoxicate himself. He is not sane anymore and keeps talking to himself to feel company every now and then.

He's become a good hunter of animals and creatures to feed himself. If creatures are too big, he keeps them alive as much as possible keep the meat fresh. Even when he has cut off parts of them.


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