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Baldur the Invincible - Darkness of the Lich Lord

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Baldur is a direct descendant of Vordok the Paunch, one of the three Gods of Skutagaard which forms the Sacred Triad. He took his title by defeating the rentless attacks of the Draugar in Baldur’s Bridge dozens of times.
When the Lich Lord came back to life he clashed, like his divine ancestor, against the fallen king. His fate, however, was far more miserable: in the battle that took place in Jotunn Pass, Baldur and his troops were defeated by the Frost metal, falling under the hammer of Gothrak Doomfist.
The Lich Lord converted Baldur into a Draugr, but because of the fortitude of his soul he kept his sharp mind and strategy, which makes him an even more fearsome enemy.
Thanks to his incredible nature and intelligence, the Lich Lord made Baldur the general of the Draugar.


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