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Artisan Guild

Astaroth the Soul forged - The Demon King's Spawn

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Astaroth was the Demon King's general, as well as his minor brother. His towering upper body is that of a winged Daemon with an extremely massive and muscular build who stands on four powerful bestial legs for a total of six limbs. His head, with a bony and sharp jaw, is adorned with gigantic horns, which the Daemon uses to charge his enemies with eyes steeped in blind rage.
This terrifying abomination, however, was defeated by Bal-Thorm the Relentless Mountain, herald of the Mountain god Uma who was wielding a towering demon-destroyer hammer created by the gods during the Demonic Invasion.
Astaroth's body was almost destroyed, but the Daemon survived thanks to Mephisto's intervention. The Daemon Smith was forced to graft several planar metal parts on his body and infuse it with thousands of demon souls, transforming him into an even more feared and powerful being, but making him lose his reason.
No longer possessing the wit and tactics that made him the perfect commander for the Demon King's legions, Astaroth is now a ruthless weapon of death and destruction.

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