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Saurian Skirmishers - Saurian Isles

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In ancient times, the region that was once the Aoatan Isles was ruled by a powerful human civilization. Its priest-kings foresaw the destruction of their lands and ordered a great work of blood magic be done – one that would give their people the strength to survive the oncoming storm. In the end, the ritual consumed the lives of all but the warrior and priest castes of these once-proud people, and transformed the survivors into half-man, half-reptile monsters – the saurians.

The saurians have lived amidst the caverns that extend deep under the Aoatan Isles for generations, stalking the broken ruins of their ancient civilization. Perfectly adapted for life underground, these reptilian creatures are covered in sickly white scales, their eyes a bright shade of red. Chief among their unique abilities is a chameleonic outer layer that allows them to mimic the appearance of their surroundings, letting them pass unseen by all but the most observant of predators.


Material: professional quality blue grey resin

  • Saurian Skirmisher 1 [25mm Base, 37mm Height]
  • Saurian Skirmisher 2 [25mm Base, 36mm Height]
  • Saurian Skirmisher 3 [25mm Base, 35mm Height]
  • Saurian Skirmisher 4 [25mm Base, 38mm Height]

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