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Mire Servants - Mire Volktoads

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The Leafshooters are the ranged units of the volktoads, encompassing archers, slingers, crossbowers, and blow gunners. The slingers make up most of the Leafshooters. Made from a mixture of mucus and hide, the volktoad sling is known for its flexibility and stretch, allowing it to throw ammunition further than conventional slings. The volktoad use bullets made from iron. The slingers form units of seven individuals, attacking from a distance and luring the enemy closer. Because of their ammunition, the slingers cause significant damage to the enemy before they manage to close in. Although slingers can operate easily in the open mire, they have more difficulty in locations with obstacles like dense forests. After some skirmishes with elves, the volktoad captured some and studied their bows, a weapon far more suitable for woods than the sling. These elves were forced to share their skill of bowmaking before being used as nests. Volktoad bows are thicker and longer than standard bows because volktoad arms and fists are more muscular, and typical bows would break easily. The volktoad use arrows with wooden tips instead of metal; the reason behind this is that all their arrows are dipped in a poison that is preserved better in wood. Their bows are known as girek


Material: professional quality blue grey resin
Height: Approx ~32mm to top of model (not including base)

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