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Artisan Guild

Maril Pureblood - Setrek Captain - City of Intrigue

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Maril is the captain of the city guards of Setrek since the Nagarots are in command of the Noble District. Maril is a Pureblood who, like Princess Kseerix, has retained her facial features prior to her transformation into Nagarots. The captain is recognized by all as a ruthless elegant warrior of the impenetrable scales; her exceptional agility allows her to crawl between the enemy lines and thanks to the six arms she can reap countless victims on the battlefields.

Maril was one of the most loyal members of the Nagarot, but the situation changed when by order of the princess herself she was sent to a banquet of Baal to find out what the prince of intrigues was plotting. Baal sensed Maril's plan and invited her to drink by answering any of her questions. The more they talked and drank the more Maril was fascinated by the Daemon and ended up telling her darkest wishes, until Baal proposed a Deal.

The Prince of Intrigue claimed that sooner or later he would become the lord of all Mundus, and in exchange for her loyalty Maril would become the only governor of Setrek and Lady of all the Nagarots. Maril, fascinated by Baal honesty and ambition accepted and secretly became his right arm.

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