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Gerta - Jarl of Huskald - Dwarven Mountaineers of Skutagaard

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Gerta became Jarl of Huskald after the death of the previous Jarl Rothar at the hands of Grothak Doomfist, Warlord of the Frostmetal Clan.
Benevolent to her people but ruthless against her enemies, Jarl Gerta is feared and respected throughout Skutagaard as an unparalleled fighter, blessed by the gods and wielding legendary weapons enchanted by Ulfgar Runekeeper. There is no blow that can break through Gerta's shield or an enemy that hasn't fallen by her Runic Sword. If a Dwarf King die by age or battle, a new king or queen is elected among the Jarls; it is said that Gerta would be the favorite if a new king were to be elected.


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