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The Printed Heroes

Dojo Masters Society Subscription

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This is it. You have made it. You're not here by chance but because you were called, drawn and sucked right in by witty copy and beautiful imagery. You are a story-weaver, a bard, a teller of tales and a singer of songs travelling through Aotearoa and the world.

This is your tribe.

This is the Dojo Master's Society. DM's Society for short.

Many of you are a little confused. You spend far more time in dungeons than dojo's, why didn't we just call it that...Well... you see... our lawyers made us do it.

Each month, members of the Dojo Master's Society receive a campaign expansion from our friends at CastnPlay or Mammoth Factory, a mob of minions to harass your unwary adventurers, DM gifts for your players, access to an exclusive discord community and a monthly code for 10% off all terrain on to make every quest that much more immersive. From time to time we'll throw in a wee bit of Monk Merch and we're looking to host a few live events in 2023

Together we can Live/play/Roll the best adventures.

Come join the Dojo Master's Society.


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