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Brakaos - Mythical Clash

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A giant from the land of Phlegra and one of the best artisans of his time, Brakaos was praised far and wide for the majesty of his work. Gods and archons would covet his services and would try to gain favor over him by offering blessings and gifts. One of these so-called blessings granted the artisan numerous limbs hoping to expedite his work. However, this not only brought change to his physique, but to his mind as well, twisting and corrupting his thoughts with the passing of time.

As the corruption spread, he became violent and aggressive, eventually killing all that approached him. Many a warrior was sent to slay him but to no avail, for all the years working with metal and stone had tempered his body and his curse ultimately made him an avatar of destruction and death.

In the end, the best solution to deal with Brakaos was to exile him from Phlegra, the land of the giants, leaving him to endlessly work on his art in isolation, waiting for the corruption to completely take his mind.


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