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Artisan Guild

Baalzrodan the Demon King - The Demon King's Spawn

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Baalzrodan is a Superior Daemon of enormous stature, his monstrous devilish face is adorned with mighty obsidian horns, a symbol of strength and majesty. His whole body is covered in bone plates that protect his organs; his fiery wings are worthy of an elder dragon.
As a Superior Daemon, Baalzrodan was the lord of one of the Fiend Realm of the Planar Domains, places outside of Mundus incomprehensible to mortals, which follow laws of nature totally different from those of the mortal realms.
There are several Planar Domains ruled by Superior Daemons who are in constant fight with each other for the Fiend Throne and the title of Demon King.

Over the ages, Demons invaded many worlds to increase their influence, to extract Arcane energy from its core, critical to the growth of a Daemon, and to find fresh souls to feed on.
During the First Era, according to the ancient tomes, the Demons, including House Baalzrodan, found among the meanders of the cosmos a perfect planet to invade: Mundus; an incredibly rich and lush planet from the pristine Arcane core, which let the master of the Arcane art to manipulate it to unleash spell.

Mundus, however, was protected by powerful immortal entities, whom the natives call Lords, or Gods. Not only these Lords of Mundus were prodigious: their armies were on par with the Demon hordes.
After one of the longest wars of Mundus, Demons were defeated and banished, and thanks of the sacrifice of many immortal Lords, the planet was protected with a barrier that prevented demons from enter or exit the planet: the Seal.

A different fate befell Baalzrodan and his hordes who, during the war, clashed several times with the armies of Uma, the Lord of the Mountains, also called the Stone God.
During the battle remembered by the mortals as the Demon's Fall, Baalzrodan was defeated by Uma, who incarnate a massif and gave the Daemon a giant fist made entirely of rocks the size of a Mountain. The flying Daemon has been hit so hard by the fist that was hurled from the sky into the ground, to the very core of Mundus and thus creating the chasm that is known today as the Abyss Gorge.

When Mundus was sealed with the barrier, Baalzrodan, who barely survived Uma’s fist, was stranded on the planet along with the few demons still alive. In the following centuries, Baalzrodan, being unable to recall his remaining fiends from his Planar Domain, hid in the Gorge, waiting, planning, and thanks to his many sons grew an army large enough to start the invasion of Mundus again.

The wait was well rewarded, for in the meantime, the Lords of Mundus began an internal war that led to the death of most of them. Being the strongest Daemon on Mundus, and the father of the only pure Daemons on the planet, Baalzrodan proclaimed himself Demon King and by the dawn of the Third Era the troops were ready for the conquest of the planet.
The Demon king is aware that there are forces at play that want to break the Seal, but before that happens, and other planar forces invade Mundus, Baalzrodan is intent on becoming the absolute ruler of these realms, and to show all the Fiend Realms who really deserve the Fiend Throne.


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