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Artisan Guild

Amon on Daemonum Kerubim - The Demon King's Spawn

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The Daemon Aamon is the fourth son of Baalzrodan, and despite his size compared to other Daemons, he is regarded by his own father and brothers as one of the most cunning and devious Daemons, who most of all loves to make intricate contracts with the foolish mortals who think they can outwit a Daemon.
Many fell because of Aamon's intrigues, even his older brother, the Demon King's first son, whom Aamon had banished from the Gorge by staging an assassination attempt on his father.
Aamon's goal is to one day succeed in taking his father's place as the new Demon king, as he believes to be the only one smart enough to run his reign of terror in Mundus.
Amon loves to torture and make his victims suffer, and it was his idea to turn his faithful demonic servant Kerubim into a Planar Disk, which he uses to fly and ride against his enemies, as he was born without the gift of wings
Being a powerful Arcanist, Aamon is regarded by Daemon worshippers as the patron of arcanists and enchanters and is often invoked by those who delve into the depths of dark magic.

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